For Minnesota State Senate
District 35

“I am a parent, nature lover, science teacher, community organizer, and advocate for workers and marginalized people. I wear many hats, but at the heart of all of these, is a commitment to the people in my community and to our planet.”

Kari Rehrauer

Support for Kari


Senator Jerry Newton

DFL- Coon Rapids/Blaine/Spring Lake Park, Retired US Army Sergeant Major

“Kari Rehrauer is the perfect fit for this district. She is intelligent, aware of issues and cares deeply about education, the environment and eliminating congestion on Highways 65 and 10. Her ability to work well with others will suit her will in the Minnesota Senate.”

Saraswati Singh

Vice-Chair of Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans, Candidate for Hennepin County Attorney

“Kari is a working-class mother, educator, and advocate who represents the values of the community. Kari has already proven she has the skills to win as a current Coon Rapids City Council Member and I know she has the ability to bring us all together. I look forward to partnering with Kari to continue supporting our Minnesota youth and she has my full endorsement!”

Anna Dirkswager

Midwest Climate and Energy Policy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy

“I’m excited to see Kari step up and offer her time and service in a bid for the Minnesota State Senate. I’ve seen Kari’s passion for education first hand, and know that her voice, as a teacher herself, is a critical one to have in our legislature. Thank you Kari, for working to be a part of the solution.”

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Kari’s Story

Learn about Kari’s journey from a science teacher to a member of the Coon Rapids City Council, and why she is inspired to run for office in the Minnesota State Senate



As a long time teacher, education will always be at the heart of my work as an elected representative. I know that free and fair public education is one of the founding principles of our country because it is a pillar of a just and democratic society. Unfortunately, many of our schools today are not able to realize this vision because they are not adequately resourced. I will work tirelessly to end the chronic underfunding of our schools, and secure the future of our public education system, not only for the sake of the next generation, but for society at large.

Climate Action

Preserving our natural resources and mitigating the devastating impact of climate change is a crucial priority for leaders of every nation. In the midwest, Minnesota has led the way by showing that climate conscious choices do not have to be in contrast to personal prosperity. Not only do clean energy initiatives slow and lessen the effects of climate change, they save money over the long term, and bring new good-paying jobs to our state that can’t be automated or outsourced.

Worker’s Rights

Unions have improved the lives of every single person in this country. They are the way for workers to have a voice in their working conditions, pay, and opportunities for advancement. Although the challenges worker’s face today are harder to see than previously, there are still many opportunities for workers to come together to advocate for these opportunities.
I have been a proud member of a union since 1999, when I first became a teacher. As a senator, I will stand up for all the working people of our community and fight for their economic security, their health, and their safety. Everyone deserves dignity and respect.
Women should have the right to make decisions regarding their own health care and their own bodies. This is deeply personal and one of the most important decisions someone might face, and it is best left to the individual, their family, and their doctors.
As your Senator, I will protect a woman’s right to choose and I will stand up for open access to reproductive health care for all.