For State House 35B
Coon Rapids and SE Andover

Building a Better Community for All.
I will work for a Minnesota with strong public schools, affordable health care, and a protected environment for generations to come.

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Support for Kari in the 2022 Campaign

2022 Campaign Endorsements

Senator Jerry Newton

DFL- Coon Rapids/Blaine/Spring Lake Park, Retired US Army Sergeant Major

“Kari Rehrauer is the perfect fit for this district. She is intelligent, aware of issues and cares deeply about education, the environment and eliminating congestion on Highways 65 and 10. Her ability to work well with others will suit her will in the Minnesota Senate.”

Saraswati Singh

Vice-Chair of Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans

“Kari is a working-class mother, educator, and advocate who represents the values of the community. Kari has already proven she has the skills to win as a current Coon Rapids City Council Member and I know she has the ability to bring us all together. I look forward to partnering with Kari to continue supporting our Minnesota youth and she has my full endorsement!”

Michaella Fennell

St. Francis Middle School Life Science Teacher

“Kari is a tireless educator who knows what it’s like in schools. She was fearless in using her voice to advocate for her students. She has gone above and beyond to fight for what students and teachers need.”

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Kari’s Story

Learn about Kari’s journey from a science teacher to a member of the Coon Rapids City Council, and why she is inspired to run for office in the Minnesota House of Representatives.


Strengthen Public Education

As a long time public school teacher, education will always be at the heart of my work as an elected representative. I know that free and fair public education is one of the founding principles of our country because it is a pillar of a just and democratic society. I will work tirelessly to support our students, make certain there is accountability in our school funding, and ensure every child can succeed no matter their ZIP code.

Make Daily Costs Affordable

We have all felt the effects of the rising costs of food, gas, and healthcare. I support saving Minnesotans money by making healthcare affordable, prohibiting price gouging by big corporations, and lowering taxes on workers, families, and seniors.

I have been a proud union member since 1999, when I first became a teacher. I support our unions and the working people of our community. By putting people first, we can grow an economy that works for everyone.

Ensure Safe Communities

As a Coon Rapids Councilmember, I have strongly advocated for funding for public safety and will continue to do so as your State Senator. I voted to increase funding for our department, hiring 2 new officers & a social worker, as well as purchasing essential equipment to allow our officers to do their job. We need to get law enforcement the resources they need to do their job.

Our CRPD is a great example of what happens when we work in partnership. They have an excellent record of building relationships and keeping crime down. In the Senate, I will help ensure we partner effectively with all departments in the state, and that public safety is funded as a top priority.